Global MTM Inc. has been embarked on the production of advanced testing equipment in the field of civil engineering and geotechnical engineering such as cyclic/dynamic triaxial test systems for the past few years.

     Benefiting from the best professionals and university graduates in the fields of civil engineering, electronics, computer and mechanics, Global MTM Inc. is producing advanced laboratory equipment in two branches of geotechnical engineering (triaxial, simple shear, direct shear, uniaxial, Consolidation, CBR, ....) and structural engineering (tensile and material testing devices with different capacities).

     High-precision control systems alongside the user-friendly software and apparatuses provide easy opperational conditions for the operator. The directors and designers in Global MTM Inc., themselves, are users of advanced testing equipment, and therefore have a special and unique ability in both quality control of the production line and after-sales service plus costumer training.


  • Manufacturing of Advanced and Conventional Soil Testing Equipment
  • Manufacturing of Structural Testing Equipment
  • Design and Manufacturing of custom-made Equipment
  • Automation of Existing Equipment through Instrumentation Upgrades, adding Data Loggers, Closed-Loop Control Systems, …
  • Development of Physical Modeling Equipment (Order-Based)
  • Installations and Trainings

Distinctive Quality and Specialties of Global MTM Products:

  • Compatibility with international testing standards such as ASTM in design and fabrication
  • Utilizing high-precision instruments and sensors of reliable brands
  • Well-planned QA/QC during fabrication and before delivery
  • Adequate post-sales technical support and trainings for clients
  • Persistent R&D on all products, innovations and upgrades
  • Cooperation with elite professors and employing motivated and skilled engineers in the fields of geotechnical, mechanics, electronics and software engineering
  • Enhancing performance of equipment through facilitating advanced testing services for MSc & PhD students research studies at the central lab of Global MTM

List of Testing Equipment:

  • Shaking Table
  • Dynamic Triaxial
  • Dynamic/Stress Path Triaxial
  • Large Scale Triaxial
  • Static/Stress Path Triaxial
  • 2D Dynamic Simple Shear (Dry & Sat.)
  • 3D Dynamic Simple Shear (Dry & Sat.)
  • Dynamic Pullout Apparatus (Small & Large Scale)
  • Auto Direct Shear (100×100 & 300×300 mm)
  • Bender Elements & Piezoelectric Accessories
  • Unsaturated Soil Features
  • Automatic OedometerAutomatic CBR, Marshall & Universal Unconfined Compressive Test
  • Geosynthetics Mechanical & Hydraulic test Facilities (Permeability, etc.)
  • Saturation Board and Pressure Panel
  • Conventional Equipment for Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Universal Testing Machines (UTM) of 20 to 2000 kN
  • Static and Dynamic Actuators



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