• Site Investigation including borehole drilling, in situ testing such as SPT, CPT, Vane, Pressuremeter, field direct shear, plate load test, permeability measurement, electrical resistivity, geophys- ics, determination of shear wave velocity (Downhole, Crosshole)
  • Laboratory studies including physical, mechanical and chemical experiments common in soil mechanics and material strength, special tests such as cyclic triaxial, dynamic, stress path
  • Geological maps, borrow material locating, tectonics, joint and fault zoning, seismology

  • All pile static load tests including axial compression, axial tension, lateral & cyclic loading
  • Pile dynamic test (PDA) and applicable analysis (WEAP, CAPWAP, PITWAP)
  • Pile Instrumentation during static tests
  • Special loading tests Including STATNAMIC, O-cell & Rapid Loading Test (RLT) Pile Integrity tests like PIT & CSL
  • Pile design optimization considering the geotechnical conditions, pile group settlement, soil, pile, cap & structure Interactions
  • “Pile construction specification” for driven & cast-in-place piles in various geotechnical conditions

  • Analysis and design of various foundations in problematic soils with different methods such as: Micropiles, Geosynthetics, Deep Soil Mixing, Dynamic Compaction, Preloading, Stone Columns, …
  • Analysis and design of reinforced soil structures under static and dynamic forces
  • Ground improvement on very soft, swampy grounds and marshlands

  • Design and supervision of special foundations, pile groups, piled-rafts for heavy tanks, elevated tanks, power plants, petrochemical complexes, oil industry, port construction, etc.
  • Design and supervision on drying of froids and bedding of swampy lands for preparation of industrial units construction
  • Design and supervision of Industrial and warehouse complexes

  • Excavation stabilization and slope stability design and control
  • Analysis of excavation edge deformation
  • Supervision on excavation stabilization such as Nailing, Anchorage …
  • Instrumentation & monitoring design & supervision in critical projects
  • Drainage & waterproofing systemdesign

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Pars GeoEnviro (PGE) consulting engineers with over a decade of invaluable experiences and providing civil engineering services such as preliminary investigation, design, supervision and QA/ QC, has been trying to improve civil projects in Iran & neighboring countries.