• Performing static load tests on piles, including axial compression, tensile, lateral and cyclic loading tests
  • Performing dynamics pile load tests (PDA) and related analyzes such as PITWAP, WEAP and CAPWAP
  • Special pile load tests such as O-Cell, STATNAMIC and Rapid Load Test (RLT)
  • Pile integrity and quakity control tests such as PIT and CSL

A realistic determination of mechanical parameters of soils which could represent the natural condition has always been a concern in geotechnical engineering. Therefore, in addition to sampling and laboratory tests, in-situ tests have been introduced and recommended in various technical references. The Cone Penetration Test (CPT) is one of the most accurate field tests in determining the parameters of fine-grained (very soft to hard) and granular (loose to medium-dense) soils.

  • Tectonic studies, seismic geotechnics and hazard analysis
  • Seismic and fault detection field experiments
  • Seismic alluvial analysis
  • Special laboratory tests such as large-scale and cyclic (dynamic) three-axial tests to study the effect of stress path and loading conditions on soil behavior and strength
  • Investigation of liquefaction potential and determination of soil dynamic parameters such as dynamic shear modulus, damping and…
  • Simple shear test

Physical, mechanical, chemical, hydraulic, durability and performance tests such as geosynthetic tension test, pullout, punch (static and dynamic), rupture, creep, release, fatigue, joint control, permeability test of geotextiles (perpendicular to surface), permeability test of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD), measurement of geometry, specific gravity and stiffness of different types of geotextiles (woven and non-woven), geomembrane (VLDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), Geogrid and GCL

  • Design, installation, monitoring and interpretation of instrumentation to control development of displacements, cracks, forces, pressure, stresses and strains in structural elements, also water level and pore water pressure, earthquake acceleration, etc.
  • Monitoring services during and after the construction of sensitive projects such as excavations, dams, tunnels, bridges and high-rise buildings.

  • First, the main causes of destructive settlements on the site will be investigated.
  • Based on the optimal technical and economic approach, an appropriate geotechnical solutions will be provided to stop the settlements and, if necessary, to correct the current situation.

  • Numerical modeling and dynamic analysis of geotechnical structures or buried structures in soil to control deformations and investigate the interaction of soil and structure under dynamic loads.

  • Landfills and Special Waste (Industrial Hazardous Waste) Disposal Center Location Studies Using Geophysical Information System (GIS)
  • Analysis and design of municipal and industrial waste disposal sites as well as tailing dams

Global MTM Inc. has been embarked on the production of advanced testing equipment in the field of civil engineering and geotechnical engineering such as cyclic/dynamic triaxial test systems for the past few years.

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