Pars GeoEnviro (PGE) has provided engineering services in Iran and neighboring countries through well-experienced and trained experts. Despite tremendous market fluctuations since the beginning of activities nearly 10 years ago, PGE has succeeded to develop and expand the scope of services both qualitatively and quantitatively. PGE has succeeded to be known as a brand name in the Geotechnical Engineering market and in particular pioneering several services such as pile dynamic (PDA) testing, Geosynthetics Testing (also QC/QA), Soil Dynamics properties and testing (e.g., Triaxial, Simple Shear), to name a few. Contracting with many local and international well-known firms is a positive sign of the PGE successful progress.

PGE is presently providing consulting services in Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Highway Design and Surveying fields. We are expanding our services particularly in multi-disciplinary professions.

The main message of PGE, as late Professor Ralph Peck stated, is that “Engineering is indeed a noble sport, and the legacy of good engineers is a better physical world for those who follow them”. PGE has strong belief in sustainable development with lower cost. We tend to save while keeping our design safe. Our advanced peculiar testing services as well as the PGE expert team support our beliefs!