Geotechnical & Geology

  • Project: Preliminary & Complementary Geotechnical study of Residential, Recreational & Touristic facilities of  Pardis-Cham Complex (2007)
  • Location: Gilan Province, Iran
  • Project Details: Pardis-Cham Complex is situated on a 43.5 hectare field & includes 2- through 16-floor apartments, cottages, shopping malls & other points of attraction.
  • Services: Studies were conducted in two phases:
  • 1. Preliminary phase included drilling 16 boreholes, 25 & 30 m deep.
  • 2. Complementary phase included drilling 9 40-m boreholes using continuous coring method. Furthermore, particular studies such as    triaxial and cyclic simple shear tests were carried out to investigate the liquefaction potential.
  • Achievements: Optimization of pile design while reducing the risk of consolidation settlement of the thick soft clay layer and liquefaction of the loose sand layer.




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